Bike travel is independent travel.
Not to mention a ton of fun.

We offer bikes that will take you downtown, and out of town; around the neighborhood, or around the world; bikes you can fold up in a suitcase, and take on the plane.

But we don't just want to sell you stuff. Whether you're looking for an urban ride, a family vehicle, a long-distance recumbent, or a packable folder, we want to help you find a bicycle that will fit your body and your lifestyle, delight you, offer you years of enjoyment, and fulfill your dream of independent travel!...


Rapid Transit Cycleshop. Chicago's Transportation Alternative since 1994.

20 Years in Your Community

Rapid Transit Cycleshop has been serving Chicago's cyclists from our North Avenue storefront for 20 years. Although today urban cycling is widely accepted and continually growing in popularity, in 1994 we were Chicago's first and only store that openly and vocally welcomed and supported the commuter and urban cyclist. We were never after defining what a "cyclist" should be; we wanted to embrace all that you could be.

Quality Local Service

In 1994 we also redefined the role of a bicycle mechanic. Instead of hiding our most skilled technicians in the back of the shop, we put them front and center to showcase their craft and let the work of their hands define our shop and its culture. Most of the bikes we sell and service are made overseas. That is simply a fact of our industry. But our technicians, and the work that they do every day, are rooted in and help define our local community.

UIC Campus & Students

The second Rapid Transit store, opened in 2009, has a unique role of serving what is the largest university in the Chicago area. The UIC campus comprises over a hundred buildings on about 240 acres of land. Bicycles are a terrific transportation option for students for getting to and from classes, around campus, and also for exploring other nearby neighborhoods, and all that Chicago has to offer.

Our Customers Inspire


Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. Even on a slow day in the bike shop, the amount of goodwill we experience from new and long-time customers is nothing short of breathtaking. Folks come in and share stories of personal triumphs, small victories, wishes on their way to fulfillment. It doesn't get any better than this. This is what we live for, and if you ever wanted to feel inspired to change your life, even in a small way, read on!

New To Biking?

Why Bike?

Why Buy Local?

Don't see yourself as a "cyclist"? That's OK. You do not have to become anything if you simply want to try riding your bike. Just as a pedestrian is anyone in the act of walking, we think a cyclist is anyone biking -- whether every day or just from time to time.

At Rapid Transit, we want to help you have a fun, exhilarating, comfortable and safe ride on your bike, and an easy, pleasant and rewarding experience visiting our store. If you are an occasional cyclist, a new one, or even still just thinking about it, please visit us!

You've heard all the great reasons to bike: it's healthy, it reduces stress and traffic congestion. It's economical and ecological. It might save you time, improve your quality of life, and the livability of your community. But the best reason to bike is because you want to. Some of us want to ride all the time. Some when the weather is nice. Some when the trip is not too long, or doesn't involve busy streets. Whatever your criteria, bike when you want to. If you love it, you will do it again. Better to have a million people rejoicing in biking one mile, than feeling guilty about not biking at all.

Bicycles  are fundamentally different from any other commonly purchased retail product. To function properly and safely, they require thorough, professional assembly. An internet or mass merchant bike may seem like a bargain, until you add the cost of assembling, correcting improper assembly, and follow-up maintenance.
Each bike purchased from us has been assembled by a skilled mechanic, and includes a full year of service. This adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings over what seems like a great deal online.

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UIC Campus: 1305 S. Halsted St • Chicago, IL 60607 • 312-243-4411
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