Bike travel is independent travel.
Not to mention a ton of fun.

We offer bikes that will take you downtown, and out of town; around the neighborhood, or around the world; bikes you can fold up in a suitcase, and take on the plane.

But we don't just want to sell you stuff. Whether you're looking for an urban ride, a family vehicle, a long-distance recumbent, or a packable folder, we want to help you find a bicycle that will fit your body and your lifestyle, delight you, offer you years of enjoyment, and fulfill your dream of independent travel!...


Rapid Transit Cycleshop. Chicago's Transportation Alternative since 1994.

20 Years in Your Community

Bike Diversity

Rapid Transit Cycleshop has been serving Chicago's riders from our North Avenue storefront for 20 years. Although today urban cycling is widely accepted and continually growing in popularity, in 1994 we were Chicago's first and only store that welcomed the urban cyclist.

What is a cyclist? You tell us. A kid with her first training wheels, a student on a single-speed, a dad running errands with baby in tow, a mom getting on the train with her folding bike, a person rediscovering the joys of cycling on a trike. We have bikes for all of them, and more.

Quality Local Service

Instead of hiding our most skilled technicians in the back of the shop, we put them front and center to showcase their craft and let the work of their hands define our shop and its culture. Our mechanics, and the work that they do every day, are rooted in our local community.

Our UIC has moved to 1344 S. Halsted St.

Same great service, same friendly staff, now with eastern exposure.

Our Customers Inspire


Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. Even on a slow day in the bike shop, the amount of goodwill we experience from new and long-time customers is nothing short of breathtaking. Folks come in and share stories of personal triumphs, small victories, wishes on their way to fulfillment. It doesn't get any better than this. This is what we live for, and if you ever wanted to feel inspired to change your life, even in a small way, read on!

From our blog, and other things you might want to know

Small Business EVERYday

Overcome Riding Obstacles


Frozen Chosen

Avoiding Bike Theft

Growing a vibrant local economy is a lot like cultivating a garden. A garden may not give you a tomato in January. But the tomato it gives you in August will make you question supermarket tomatoes any time of the year. A well tended garden will reward you with real bounty. (more)

For many people it's a challenge just getting the bike out of the garage. You can’t travel independently on flat tires. And, as bicycle people, we often forget that bicycle tires can be a total mystery, and quite an intimidating one, to non-bicycle people. Which is a lot of people. (more)

Winter biking takes a special type of spirit and commitment. Those who undertake it also know that it takes a huge toll on the bike and all of its parts. Frozen Chosen is a winter-long maintenance package that will keep you and your bike humming all the way through March. (more)

Whether you are riding an expensive bike or a garage-sale model, having your bike stolen is expensive, inconvenient and downright maddening. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your bicycle a less likely target. (more)

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