Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are a tried and true urban transportation alternative. If ordinary bikes give you freedom to move around the city with ease and sidestep traffic woes, folding bikes crank that freedom up an extra notch. And for the traveler with a folding bike, the world is your oyster.

Brompton Black Edition

Inspired by city life at night, a new take on the classic Brompton finish: The Black Edition. For the first time, the Black Edition bikes will feature a number of key components in black rather than the usual silver, and have been developed after years of interest in the possibility of an all-black Brompton. Call us to pre-order yours for Spring 2015 delivery.

20 Years in Your Community

Rapid Transit Cycleshop has been serving Chicago's riders from our North Avenue storefront for 20 years. Although today urban cycling is widely accepted and continually growing in popularity, in 1994 we were Chicago's first and only store that welcomed the urban cyclist.

Bike Diversity

What is a cyclist? You tell us. A kid with her first training wheels, a student on a single-speed, a dad running errands with baby in tow, a mom getting on the train with her folding bike, a person rediscovering the joys of cycling on a trike. We have bikes for all of them, and more.

Quality Local Service

Instead of hiding our most skilled technicians in the back of the shop, we put them front and center to showcase their craft and let the work of their hands define our shop and its culture. Our mechanics, and the work that they do every day, are rooted in our local community.

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